Conversation 3, Tom Hayden, Jimmy Morales

Conversations with Stewart Stewart, Episode 3

CONVERSATIONS with Stewart Stewart is just that; a series of conversations with people who are passionate about what they do and want to share it with our audience. This is episode 3 and these are a few conversations I recently had.

 Barney with Cagney and LacyWhen I heard that Cuba and the United States were going to reinstate diplomatic relations I thought it would be a perfect time to talk to Hollywood television producer Barney Rosenzweig who, along with his wife (actress Sharon Gless), just returned from a “cultural junket” to Cuba. Of course, most of what he saw was choreographed by the bus tour company which works within the Cuban government guidelines. Barney’s first impressions were insightful and interesting so I divided this particular conversation into two parts. Part one will be in this episode, part two will be continued in episode 4.


story lady AUNTKXDD The story lady has her own unique way of telling a story. They rhyme, with a “Dr. Seuss-like” delivery, but with complex characters and situations, along with a quality that touches our spiritual links.





Tom Hayden-People Mag In the 1960s there was a very strong anti-Vietnam War movement in this country that reached its highest crescendo at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago. There was rioting in the streets and finger-pointing (especially the middle finger of the mayor of Chicago) when complaints were lodged against the police brutality on the streets of the city. When it was over, there was a great political show trial dubbed “The Trial of The Chicago 7”.  On trial for conspiracy and inciting a riot were Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, David Dellinger, Rennie Davis, John Froines, Lee Weiner and, my guest Tom Hayden. Tom Hayden explained to me why leaderless movements sometimes can be more effective than one led by a charismatic speaker.


J. Morales city magrI’ve often said that living and working on Miami Beach feels like being an extra in a Fellini movie. In my conversation with Miami Beach city manager Jimmy Morales, my feelings were validated when he explained why being city manager of Miami Beach is so different from being a city manager anywhere else.




I want to thank all my listeners for tuning in and giving me this opportunity to ask questions I always wanted to ask of people who have the answers. I look forward to your comments.

Are you ready for a flash quiz? Who’s that on this cover picture on top of this page? It’s none other than Stewart Stewart taken by Stewart himself over 35 years ago using antiquated technology. This photograph is a triple exposure … Stewart first marked the floor, set the camera timer, ran to the spot and click! He then rolled back the film, changed his appearance, set the camera timer, ran to the middle spot and click! And again, for the third shot.  You could say that Stewart was among the innovators of the very, very early manipulative Photoshop concept along with the Selfie!

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