Conversation 5, Smoke Weed, Grandma

The premise for “CONVERSATIONS” is to share some extraordinary conversations that I’ve had with very unique and talented people. As an artist, I’ve always respected and admired people who have passion for what they do.

The lineup for this show includes:

Robert Planshorn, a man who spent 29 years in prison for smuggling over 500,000 pounds of marijuana into the United States.  Robert Platshorn

A continuation of a conversation I had with performer Wyclef Jean who spoke about his early beginnings as an immigrant and entertainer.  In this episode (Part 2), Wyclef talks about why he ran for president of Haiti, and more. (Wyclef w-DestinyWyclef Jean with Destiny’s Child – Kelly Rowland, Beyonce, Wyclef, Michelle Williams)

Edna Buchanan, a former Pulitzer prize-winning crime reporter who described her beat like being in a Shakespearean play in real time. edna buchcanon

Debi Mazar, an Actress known for her voice, eyes and EXTRA VIRGIN cooking skills. Debi Mazur

Terry Johnson, a legendary doo-wop singer (The Flamingos) recognized for his rendition of the famous doo wop song, “I Only Have Eyes For You”. tERRY JOHNSON AND fLAMINGOS

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